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Looking for lawn bowls to give you “absolute shot”?
Find your best “bias” at Ozy Bowls!

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– when you buy lawn bowls at Ozy Bowls

We’re one of Australia’s favourite lawn bowls shops!

DID YOU KNOW? Lawn bowls ranks 4thin Australia for having the highest number of people who play, after aerobics, golf and tennis.

Massive range of the popular brand lawn bowls Australia

Whether you are one of over 250,000 registered lawn bowls players in Australia or just getting started… We stock a massive range of lawn bowls online, including popular brands:

•Dreamline Henselite XG
•Cruze Henselite
•Taylor GTR

Players of lawn bowls Australia – whether purely recreational/Pennants Competitions– want to play and look their best!

Our customers seek top quality lawn bowls and bowling productsbut without the top price tag!

Ozy Bowls is a dedicated lawn bowls shop that sells major brand lawn bowls, and their premier quality lawn bowls accessoriesaffordable for everyone!

From Perth to Melbourne, and beyond –

Wherever you play lawn bowls Australia
Whatever level you’re at…

Ozy Bowls is your No.1 lawn bowls shop destination!

Ozy Bowls – a lawn bowls shop for all player levels

Interested in buying your first lawn bowl?
Need a new lawn bowl to join your collection or simply upgrading?

We stock equipment and accessories to give your performance the boost you need!

We’re passionate about helping you find the lawn bowls equipment and accessories to get you playing your best game!

Get your hands on our top lawn bowls brands…

Dreamline Henselite XG range

A brilliant all-round bowl – for professionals and new players, alike
– available in Sunburst Orange and Mystic Speckled, and many other high performance colours!

The Dreamline XG is held up as the “ultimate in comfort, stability and consistency” for all lawn bowls players at all levels of ability.

Distinguished by a constant arc with a holding finish to the head, the Dreamline XG adapts to a wide variety of Australia’s surface speeds. Whether you play on the fast greens of Queensland and New South Wales or the holding greens of Melbourne.

Rolling out the Benefits

The Dreamline XG remodelled shape and increased material density:

•Feels comfortable in the hand
•Gives excellent delivery control
•Delivers constant arc and line predictability
•Maintains momentum on drives and weighted shots

Henselite Cruze

The ultimate lawn bowl for fast greens!

Coaches, world champions, designers and engineers have all put their expert hands together, and best foot forward to deliver Henselite Cruze.

Offers a similar comfort in the hand, and the same knock out performance as the great Henselite Dreamline XG. A reassuring faceted grip provides a non-slip, comfortable hold for natural delivery.

Fine tune engineering for accuracy and precision on greens running at over 15 second, the Cruze could be your ultimate winning hand on both fast, free-running grass greens and synthetics.

Playing on a quick surface? Need a narrower line and holding finish?

You can take your game to the next level
– just slide a set of Cruze lawn bowls into your lawn bowls bag! Check it out in our e-shop today!!

Taylor Bowls

Taylor Bowls are an established and internationally recognised lawn bowls manufacturer
– reputed to offer the most advanced lawn bowls in the world!

Naturally, Ozy Bowls customers will want to get their hands on these top quality lawn bowls sets.
Their unique and extremely accurate running surfaces offer consistent and precise lines when playing a draw shot or a controlled weighted shot.

And of course, Ozy Bowls keeps a range of these super rollers in stock! You can also view available motifs and colours in your size today! Simply email us at

We stock a range of Taylor lawn bowls in a huge range of colours and motifs. including:

•GTR, SRV and SR
•Bowls available as gripped and non-gripped
•Sizes from 0-5
Custom bowls with choice of logo and colour

Taylor lawn bowls bags and bowls shoes!

Ozy Bowls Door to Door Delivery

•Great customer service
•Fast response times

We offer ‘door to door’ shipping to all states and territories in Australia, and worldwide.

Quick, easy and Secure payment


Check out our range of options for sale on our easy to use online shopping platform
Chat to our friendly team for more information on 0449 228 052 or send us an enquiry.

Buy lawn bowls Australia with Ozybowls!   Save your time and enjoy the convenience of shopping for lawn bowls online Australia! We have the big brands, great prices and service to match! We stock the big brands include Henselite lawn bowls, Taylor lawn bowls, Greenmaster lawn bowls and Drakes Pride lawn bowls! We also have all the lawn bowls sizes you need as lawn bowls size 00, lawn bowls size 1, lawn bowls size 2, lawn bowls size 3, lawn bowls size 4, lawn bowls size 5 and a huge range of colours to choose from with Grip and Non-Grip options available too!

Lawn Bowls for sale Australia! New lawn bowls for Sale! Lawn Bowls for Sale Sydney! Lawn Bowls for Sale Brisbane! Lawn Bowls for Sale Melbourne! Lawn Bowls for Sale Adelaide! Lawn Bowls for Sale Perth! Lawn Bowls for Sale Hobart! Lawn Bowls for Sale Darwin! Shop online today with Ozybowls!

If you’re looking for a Lawn Bowls Shop near me or Lawn Bowls near me  lawn bowls for sale near me lawn green bowls lawn bowling bowls grass bowling lawn bowling balls or best lawn bowls to buy, look no further than Ozybowls! Whilst finding cheap lawn bowls lawn bowling balls lawn bowling set is not easy, we offer affordable competitive prices on lawn bowls. We also have flexible payment options too such as AfterPay and deliver door to door Australia wide! If you’re looking for the best lawn bowls to buy, look direct at Ozybowls as we’re here to help. Whether new to our great sport or a seasoned pro, Ozybowls is your one stop convenient lawn bowls shop for your lawn bowls supplies! Not to mention, we can also help with custom lawn bowls personalised lawn bowls requests with custom made ordering available through our easy online shopping platform!

As mentioned we service Australia wide with door to door delivery to  major cities and regional areas, to name a few, such as big lawn bowls playing centres areas like:

  • lawn bowls Sydney
  • lawn bowls Adelaide
  • lawn bowls Perth
  • lawn bowls Brisbane
  • lawn bowls Canberra
  • lawn bowls Gold Coast
  • lawn bowls Darwin
  • lawn bowls Fitzroy
  • lawn bowls North Sydney
  • lawn bowls Coogee lawn bowls Neutral Bay
  • lawn bowls Geelong
  • lawn bowls Sunshine Coast
  • lawn bowls Rockingham
  • lawn bowls Fremantle
  • lawn bowls Northern Beaches
  • lawn bowls Torquay
  • lawn bowls Rockhampton
  • lawn bowls Alice Springs
  • lawn bowls Ballarat
  • lawn bowls Belmont
  • lawn bowls Ipswich

We service all the major states too including

  • lawn bowls Victoria
  • lawn bowls NSW
  • lawn bowls Queensland
  • lawn bowls WA
  • lawn bowls South Australia
  • lawn bowls Tasmania
  • lawn bowls Northern Territory

We also service lawn bowls internationally! At Ozybowls, we love our international lawn bowling friends, when it comes to lawn bowls, we are 1! One big community with one big love and passion, Lawn Bowls! If you live outside of Australia, please do reach out to us and we can definitely assist you and your club with your lawn bowling needs! We’d love to hear from you!

Not only players but we also actively help lawn bowling clubs across Australia and the world, nothing beats the feeling of playing our great game of lawn bowls and nothing makes us happier than helping our many great customers play the sport we all love! We love lawn bowls as much as you do here at Ozybowls, so we’re all about helping our many playing  customers  with great deals whether it be a lawn bowls club, players new to lawn bowls, those playing social lawn bowls or professional lawn bowls! So contact us today! You’re no.1 stop lawn bowls shop online Australia

Save your time and let us do the running around! Why run around?? So if you’re all about convenience and saving your valuable time and are looking for a lawn bowling shop near me around the country, look no further than Ozybowls, to name a few, whether it be for a:

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the lawn bowls shop Southport

Look no further than Ozybowls!

Here to help, to be your 1 stop lawn bowls shop and to help your with all your lawn bowling needs! Contact us today or buy online easily today with Ozybowls!

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