Drakes Pride Locker Trolley Bag | Buy Regal Locker Trolley Bag

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Drakes Pride Locker Trolley Bag | Buy Regal Locker Trolley Bag

The all NEW & IMPROVED Locker Bag with Longer Handle measuring 1.08m from top of Handle to Floor & two new INSERT Bags!

The bag also features Double Wheels & Hard Plastic Studs on the rear of the bag for longer lasting protection!

Popular Locker Size Trolley Bag with 5 large separate sections & pockets. This bag boasts an extendable handle which is very robust and sturdy. Its construction is designed not to restrict the storage space within the bag. The body of the bag consists of two main compartments, one section for storage of both bowls and bowls accessories and another for clothing. The face of the bag has two handy zipped pockets are ideal for storage of bowls accessories, mobile phones etc.

Available in the Four stunning colours to chose from!:

  • Royal / Light Blue / Silver
  • Black / Charcoal / Orange
  • Purple / Hot Pink / Pink
  • Navy / Lime
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Drakes Pride Locker Trolley Bag | Buy Regal Locker Trolley Bag

1 review for Drakes Pride Locker Trolley Bag | Buy Regal Locker Trolley Bag

  1. Neil Cochran

    Club Name: Lithgow Workers

    Purchased this bag at the same time as I purchased my first set of bowls from Ozy Bowls. The bag is great and holds everything I need to carry for bowling including my shoes. Ozy Bowls service, delivery and price were great.

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